Unconditional Love

Things can be different. When you see a person for the first time, you hug him, notice the sincerity in his eyes, and feel that he has taken away your heart. And it’s fine that he took it. And it is not a pity, and it is not scary, and you feel such ease and warmth with that wonderful person! Finally, the emptiness of hectic everyday life is filled with something light and profound. YOU ARE LOVED unconditionally and without reservations, just because YOU are there, YOU are needed…

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The Church in Honor of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco Is Consecrated!

Driving on the Minsk Ring Road, you can’t help noticing a shining golden dome from afar. That is the new church in honor of Saint John of Shanghai built on the territory of St. Elisabeth Convent. The nuns of the Convent have carried out their ministry in the National Applied Research Center of Mental Health for the last twenty-five years. This church connects the hospital to the adjacent Convent. The church was built precisely for the patients of the Center and on its territory. The National Applied Research Center of Mental Health is one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in Europe. It provides psychiatric care for several thousand patients. Continue reading “The Church in Honor of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco Is Consecrated!”

The Dog’s Chance: How Nuns Save the Lost at the Men’s Rehabilitation Center

More than two hundred homeless or alcohol-addicted men gather on a farm 19 miles from Minsk during the winter, where they are supervised by just a couple of sisters from St. Elisabeth Convent.

“I feel I can’t cope with all that,” Sister Joanna, one of the nuns of St. Elisabeth Convent, admits. She is entrusted with an obedience at Lysaja Hara, the rehabilitation center run by St. Elisabeth Convent and located 19 miles from Minsk. It is a place where men who found themselves in a difficult situation—the homeless, drug and alcohol addicts, or generally those who lost their path in life—can come and stay. Continue reading “The Dog’s Chance: How Nuns Save the Lost at the Men’s Rehabilitation Center”

The Festive Play in the Boarding Home for People with Special Needs

People of all cultures and walks of life mark certain days as special. Usually, the special days are called holidays. For instance, Christians are waiting for the Nativity of Christ in winter and Easter, the Resurrection of Christ, in spring. Does anyone consider the ordinary Thursdays or Fridays as special days? We simply know that there’s going to be a Thursday or a Friday, and it doesn’t make those days special.

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Riding Hall for Horse Therapy Construction

PROJECT: Riding Hall for Horse Therapy Construction

Project Targets:

  • Construction of a hall to provide regular horse therapy classes in any weather
  • Rehabilitation and improvement of general physical and mental well-being of children with special needs and other disabled persons
  • Social adaptation of children with special needs and less able persons
  • Social adaptation of the patients of the Men’s Rehabilitation Centre through their direct engagement in caring for the horses and assisting the coaches during horse therapy classes

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Autumn at the Women’s Rehabilitation Center

October has begun. It is a warm day, and the sky clears up by the afternoon. All is quiet and bright at the Women’s Rehabilitation Center of St Elisabeth Convent. The golden autumn is at its best: wind sets the leaves of the beautiful birch trees in constant motion; the dahlia, marigold, and aster flowers are in full bloom; the fruit of this blessed season — the red apples, the deep blue grapes, and yellow and orange pumpkins — please the eye and the heart.

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Men’s Rehabilitabion Center

Here is an excerpt from our book about the center and the people who live there, starting from a blank Page:

“This place may have various names: a metochion of the Convent, a social facility, an experimental ground… It depends on how you look at it. The nuns of St Elisabeth Convent are certain that this is the territory where God dwells, a place that He has chosen in order to give shelter to his lost and abandoned children.

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Home-care Service for the Elderly and Disabled Celebrates Its 2 Year Anniversary

“For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” (Galatians, 5:14).

The social outreach to the elderly and disabled program of St.Elisabeth Convent marks its two year anniversary. In July 2014 sisters Anna Kovalevskaya and Zenaida Lobosova were blessed to begin this virtuous and essential service – to take care of the severely ill people and people advanced in years living alone at home. Two years is quite a short period of time, but it is long enough to bear fruit and to look at the recently done work.

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Helping Children with Mental and Physical Disabilities: Is There Such a Thing as Enough Love?

“…The biggest reward for those of us, who goes to visit and to help the children, is the light, the small sparks of joy in their innocent and pure eyes!”

Within walking distance of St. Elisabeth Convent, one can discover a shelter for children with mental and physical disabilities. The facility houses approximately two hundred children of whom many are orphans deprived of parental love, care and attention. They suffer a great deal of pain in the course of their short lives. They are short because on average children with disabilities live for 25-30 years.

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The Boarding Home for Disabled Children

“A child either weeps or smiles — with his whole being.”

Saint John of San Francisco

The boarding home for children is located near St. Elisabeth Convent. The children who reside there are unable to take care of themselves and many cannot even move around without the help of others. The sisters from the Convent call them “Little Martyrs”. Their diagnoses vary from Down’s Syndrome and patrimonial traumas to inborn physical defects and accompanying diseases of internal organs. Approximately two hundred children, many of whom are orphans, permanently stay at this hospital.

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