About our charitable foundation

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We are happy to find new friends and those who are ready to in good deeds all around the world!

Our charitable foundation “Friends of the St. Elisabeth Convent in Minsk”
was established in Berlin in 2017. The group of friends consists of people who provide practical
assistance in the implementation of numerous social and charitable projects in
health care (psycho-neurological mental health facilities, orphanage for children
with special needs, city clinical hospital, children’s rehabilitation center,
and volunteer visiting nurse services for the elderly and disabled), as well as support for families with many children and finally people who are going through a difficult time in their life.
You can read more about the numerous current and new social outreach projects of St. Elisabeth by visiting the official website of the convent: Obitel-minsk.org

We thank in advance to everyone and anyone who is not indifferent when it comes to helping others and to those who are ready to provide any time of assistance including financial, organizational and other means of support to the sick and needy!

You can support St Elisabeth Convent social outreach projects and ministry with your donations to our PayPal account at kloster.minsk@gmail.com

Social Outreach Projects:

The state institution “Republican Research and Practice Center for Mental Health” has over 30 clinical departments, each with a separate specialization. The largest mental health facility in Europe houses hundreds of people suffering from epilepsy, various mental illness, phobias, neuroses, psychosomatic disorders, alcohol and drug addiction along with many other mental health related illnesses. The voluntary ministry of St. Elisabeth Convent is to visit and care for the sick at the facility. The primary mission of the sisters of mercy is talk about the spiritual life and that there are means (Confession and Communion) that can help them cope with their illnesses and give them strength and hope in their personal struggles until the very end.

The orphanage for children with special needs is a permanent residence providing both medical and educational services to children with developmental disabilities and those who require basic care and medical support as well as special accommodations. The primary ministry of the sisters at the orphanage is to teach the children how to pray, give them the opportunity to go to church, partake of the Holy Sacraments of Confession and Communion, teach the children about God, give them the opportunity to participate in arts and crafts projects, encourage their participation in various games which stimulate mental and physical development or simply take them on nature walks. In addition, the children’s theater studio at the convnet has staged multiple performances in which children with special needs participate as actors.The children go on field trips and participate in hypotherapy. The convent also invites various medical specialists and volunteers who work with each child to help with the specific disability or illness. Continue reading “Helping Children with Mental and Physical Disabilities: Is There Such a Thing as Enough Love?”

The men’s farmstead and rehabilitation center is a place where men who have struggled in life can find shelter. It is a place where people who have been recently released from prison, lost their homes, suffer from alcohol abuse or drug addiction or disabilities find a place to live. More than 170 men live at the farmstead outside of Minsk under the loving care of the monastic sisters of St. Elisabeth Convent. Continue reading “Men’s Rehabilitabion Center”

The women’s farmstead and rehabilitation center is a sanctuary for women who are going or have gone through a difficult time in their life, suffer from alcohol and drug addiction, have been recently released from prison, lost their homes, relatives or jobs. Anyone who has decided to change something in their life has found shelter here along with an opportunity to apply their talents and abilities. The monastics who’s obedience is to oversee the farmstead work closely with legal authorities and child protection services because the farmstead houses several mothers with small children. Special accommodations were built for the families which include two separate houses built to accommodate them. Continue reading “Autumn at the Women’s Rehabilitation Center”


How to support:

We would be truly grateful if you support one of our charity projects. Click on the button to proceed with the donation (PayPal/Credit Card options are available). You can contact us any time at hl.elisabeth.freunde@gmail.com in case of any further questions regarding our social projects.